Custom Personalized Gifts Ideas For Family And Friends

If you’re like most people you dread birthdays and the Christmas holidays coming around because it means you have to come up with a whole bunch of gifts ideas for your family and friends. Fortunately it’s not as hard today as it was in yesteryear, for one major reason – the invention of personalized gifts!

Custom personalized gifts allow you to take just about any product and create your own unique “one of a kind” design that is tailor made for the individual it is intended for. If that sounds easy it’s because it is – anyone can do it with just a few clicks of their mouse!

It’s impossible to go through all the options in this short article, so what follows is designed to give the reader a little inspiration that will hopefully spur you into coming up with a number of gift ideas of your own.

Mobile phone and tablet computer cases

We all have family and friends that use the latest electronic devices. None are more popular than mobile phones and tablet computers. In fact I can almost guarantee that you already know relatives and friends that are constantly glued to their iPhones, iPads and other communications devices.

iPhones seem a good place to start. They all look pretty much the same, either black or white! One of the most popular mobile phone accessories is the personalized phone case; the reason they are so popular is the majority of mobile phone users like to give their phone its own identity – the easiest way to achieve this is with a custom phone case. Custom phone cases can be bought in any mobile store or online at hundreds of different websites, however, the problem with buying a custom phone case is thousands of others, both before and after you, have bought the same case, therefore the buyer can never be sure of the uniqueness.

The only way anyone can be assured of their phone case be totally unique is if they personalize it themselves, or, if you, the gift giver, personalize it for them with personal photos, designs and text.

The same thing goes for all mobile phones, computer tablets and other electrical devices such as iPods. If you shop around, you will find fully customizable cases are available for just about all devices from every manufacturer.

A personalized case makes a really cool gift idea – all you have to do is customize it with the appropriate photos, logos, designs and text to suit the recipient and it will become the perfect present for any occasion.

Custom gifts ideas for the home and office

The list of all fully customizable products available for the home and office would probably take a week to think of and a month or two to write about, so I’m not going to attempt it here; rather, I’m just going to give you a few gifts ideas to help you get your own creative juices flowing…..

Some of the more popular custom products, in alphabetical order, include bar mats, fleece blankets, bookmarks, calendars, clocks, coasters, cushion covers, door mats, letter openers, memo pads, mouse pads, mugs, ornaments, pillow cases, place mats, porcelain plates, rubber stamps, shower curtains and towels.

As you can see from the list, products are not only numerous but they are diverse too – I chose these particular products to try and provide you with some of the best gift ideas available, regardless of the gender or age of the people you need to buy presents for.

Obviously, each and every one of these gifts ideas can be personalized with any photos, designs and text you choose. If you want to make your gift really special you should try to personalize it with photos and designs that are dear to the recipient – you will be aptly rewarded for the time and effort you put in by the look on the face of the gift recipient when they open and see your carefully selected gift for the first time!