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Merits of Using Vertical Grow System

Vertical grow system is where plants are grown upwards versus planting them on the ground and it is used in urban agriculture. This vertical grow system incorporates methods like hydroponics. This kind of grow system has been used by many cannabis farmers but is also used by farmers that grow different types of crops. In this vertical grow system lights are hanged vertically with plants arranged around the pillar of illumination. Vertical grow system is the new system of growing crops and it is considered to be best as only those that have used this system know why. When using this system, you are able to grow different type of crops all at once. Vertical grow system takes place in greenhouses that are stacked on top of another greenhouse. Vertical grow system has a lot of benefits to the farmers and they are now using this system more. The following are the merits is of using vertical grow system.

Cost-effectiveness is the first importance of using vertical grow system. When you use vertical grow system, it is cheaper compared to growing your crops in the normal way or on the ground. Labor that is needed in vertical grow system is minimal. It is because this system requires manual labor only when sorting and packaging the harvest. Other than these times where manual laborers are needed, this kind of system uses automated machines to operate the systems that are used. With the automated systems the farmer is able to save a lot of money as he only needs low labor.

The other importance or benefits of using vertical grow system is that there is less or minimal usage of water. Low amount of water is used when plants are grown in this system. Here plants are grown in a closed environment and therefore they are able to recover the water that they loss through transpiration.

When farmers use vertical grow system, they tend to get reliable harvests from the farms. When plant are grown using this system, they are protected from external pressure such as diseases, pests and predictors attacks as they are grown in an enclosed environment. The farmers are able to obtain high quality and quantity of produce that are reliable.

The other benefit of using vertical grow is that it saves you from high transport cost. A famer can develop this develop near his or her market as it can be developed in any geographical area. When you have such a system next you are market, it is easy to transport your produce to the market and this also saves you the cost that you would have incurred to store them such as refrigerating.

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